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Combating Climate Crisis

The Social Justice Co-operative is building a grassroots movement centred on creating caring communities and fostering friendships between activists based on caring for each other. We believe in the dignity and value of every human being. We call this movement a “Revolution of Care” because revolutionary care is the antidote to capitalism, and it is capitalism that has made our society sick.  Where capitalism relies on greed to function, the antidote must be generosity. Where capitalism relies on individualism, the antidote must be community.

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Condemning Bay Du Nord

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The Social Justice Cooperative of NL strongly condemns the federal government’s approval of the Bay Du Nord project. The Secretary General of the United Nations, António Guterres, recently warned us: “Investing in new fossil fuel infrastructure is moral and economic madness.” He was speaking of a United Nations climate report—issued just two days before the federal government approved the Bay du Nord project. 


Pushing this project forward demonstrates a blatant disregard toward principles of free, informed, prior, ongoing consent of Indigenous peoples and is inconsistent with UNDRIP, CANDRIP, and rights of people and the planet.


Our province, Canada, and the planet cannot afford another pollution-producing, oil-seeking money pit. Contrary to what our provincial and federal governments say, there are no responsible reasons to proceed with this project, unless you represent Big Oil. 


There are many compelling reasons to reject the Bay du Nord Project that fall under two major categories: 


  1. Environmental Impact

  2. Economic Shortsightedness, including Misleading Job Possibilities.

On the Go

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Climate Strikes

Join us as we march with Fridays For Future for climate action and demand #NoMoreEmptyPromises

Socials 4 Justice

This event series is an opportunity to bring the community together and hear from local organizers and people with lived experience to talk about social and environmental justice issues.

Planting Seeds

Community dialogue is key for consensus building. Check out our YouTube page to see some of the discussions we've hosted.

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Combating Climate Crisis: What We Do
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