Sidewalk Vigil for International Day of Persons with Disabilities

December 3, 2020



On Dec 3rd, 2020 we gathered in honour of those who have been injured or killed trying to navigate our inaccessible, dangerous sidewalks. We gathered to bear witness for those who are isolated in their homes for half of the year, every year, due to negligent sidewalk clearing. Access is a right not a privilege and our city is failing to safeguard the rights of People with Disabilities in even the simplest, most basic ways.

On December 3rd we gather with three asks:

1. Clear our sidewalks with the same priority as adjoining streets.

2. Use a Universal Design approach in all further developments, including the Kelly's Brook Shared Use Path: consult Universal Design experts and community members with diverse lived experiences and accessibility concerns.

3. Reverse the recent cuts to Metrobus.

Join us to hold space and bear witness to the pain, isolation, and fear felt by so many people impacted by our City's negligent sidewalk clearing practices, inaccessible infrastructure including trails, and scant public and para transit services. Help us shine a light on a hidden injustice: the accessibility crisis in our city.