The Co-operative Principles
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The Social Justice Co-Operative NL is proud to be a member-owned and driven non-profit co-operative.

We created this zine with the help of Molly Margaret Art and the Canadian Federation of Co-Operatives to celebrate co-operatives in our province and to highlight how the seven principles of co-operatives are built on a foundation of social justice and inclusion.

Zines are available for sale for $10 at your local SJCNL event or you can send us an email to have one shipped to you! They are also available to download for free but we ask that you please consider donating $5 to support our work."

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Read Our Strategic Compass for 2021.

This document is an expression of our collective commitments for the year ahead.
We will work together to make these aspirations a reality.
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In The News

Greene Report Must be Resisted: Observers

By: Justin Brake

May 11, 2021

Neoliberal policies are fundamentally flawed and will make things worse.


Progressive Dreams Deferred in 2021 St. John’s City Election

Ophelia Ravencroft makes history in Ward 2, while a seven-way race in the At-Large field sees all incumbents—plus Ron Ellsworth—re-elected.