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Community Aid

Mutual Aid + Community Supports

Hi friends and neighbours. We hope you're all keeping well. Just wanted to list some additional resources that may be helpful during this time! The 2SLGBTQ+ Pod are here for you too, but we are small, volunteer run, with a small budget, and we are not able to respond as quickly or offer as much help as you may be able to get from the options below so we wanted to make sure folks knew about these too. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us tho, we will do our best 

Food Delivery

Community and SJC members pooling our efforts, supplies, and money to share with others in the community who need it most. All we have is each other!

Neighbouring Pod

This group was created by Trans, Two spirit and Queer people to help out during the pandemic and beyond. We will share and connect people to resources, bring people essentials and host online workshops and social events. We have fundraised a small Community Aid Fund for folks needing essentials hampers, so please reach out if you're looking for support. Love and solidarity!

If you'd like to support the Community Aid Fund you can do so, here:

Please read the rules and contact our email if you need help or have questions:


Publicly available community supports including helplines, mental wellness supports, COVID-19 information, and more.

Community Food Helpline

The Community Food Helpline was launched in May of 2020 and is still available to everyone across Newfoundland and Labrador. The Helpline can help you: 

  • Connect with food banks or food programs in your area

  • Navigate online ordering systems

  • Arrange food deliveries

    • NOTE: Subject to provider availability 

Phone: (709) 703-4544
(or call 211 and indicate you need food supports)


For a complete list of Community Food Programs in Newfoundland and Labrador, click here.

The Community Food Helpline is operated by Food First NL in partnership with the Jimmy Pratt Foundation.

Non-Emergency Helpline

dial 211 from any phone in Canada

If you're struggling with a non-emergency situation or crisis.

"When faced issues, such as an inability to buy food, or pay bills, a need to find immediate shelter, or even programs to help when you feel isolated, you might not know where to turn. That’s when you should dial 2-1-1.


211 is a new helpline which connects callers with information and referrals after unpacking their unique situation — helping them navigate through the vast array of services that could assist."

Domestic Violence Helpline

If you're in an unsafe home situation or relationship, there is the Domestic Violence Helpline. The province-wide (Newfoundland and Labrador), toll free number is 1-888-709-7090.

Call: 1-888-709-7090

Did you know the
Red Cross is offering support to self-isolators?

If you don't have a safe place to isolate, or if you are isolating and need help with food or medication, give them a call and they can help you out.

Call: 1-800-863-6582

Domestic Violence Helpline
Red Cross Helpline

Bridge the gapP

Mental Wellness online resources

Bridge the gapp is an online resource designed to support mental wellness. You can visit to access age-appropriate programs and services that are available locally, confidential and free.

NL Public Health
COVID-19 Information

Take care of yourselves and one another, while following public health guidelines of course. You can find update guidelines from NL Public Health here: 

Bridge The Gapp
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