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SJC Grant Approval

The Revolution of Care is dynamic, flexible, inquisitive, and courageous. It requires many moving parts to respond to the complexity of community and how we can live sustainably and kindly on this land. To build a movement, we need to envision and support an ecosystem of change, which can include partnering with outside organizations to fund project goals.


In 2020, for every $1 that the SJC spent, we were able to leverage $0.92 in grants from external organizations thanks to the dedication and determination of our members


To support the brilliant ideas and inspirational activities needed to craft a Revolution of Care, the SJC encourages our members to apply for external funding and can help connect you with different opportunities..


SJC can lend institutional support to external grant applications since this can:

a) be a funding requirement and;

b) help solidify confidence in the application to an external funder.


However, as a largely volunteer organization with limited resources, the Board is charged with assessing our co-operative capacity to take on new projects and whether the external funder aligns with our values.

A few of our favourite grants include:


Applications will be reviewed by the Board based on the following considerations:

  • To maintain political independence, the SJC will not accept outside funding for permanent staff positions. 

  • The organization will take funding from non-profits, academic institutions, unions, religious organizations, and government for short-term positions and project costs. 

  • It will not take funding from corporations and industries that exploit and extract from people and the planet, even if it is filtered through a different organization. 

  • We reserve the right to deny any funding from organizations that do not share our values.

  • Notice of approval for grants will be 7 days for grants under $1,000 and up to 60 days for grants greater than $1,000.


We encourage members to fill out the form as early as possible to ensure that we can do our best to support the success of the project. 


Submissions may be made by through email or the web form below.

Are you a member of SJC?
How will you identify the project in your grant application and any promotional material?
If this is a partnership, do you have the consent of the other organization(s) to partner with SJC?
How will SJC be recognized by the project?
Which of the following SJC Objectives from our Bylaws does your project fulfil? Check all those that apply.
Some projects may require hiring staff and/or financial reporting. Would the project require administrative support from SJC?
Some projects may require in-kind or sweat-equity support from partnering organizations. Would the project require in-kind labour from SJC board members, action teams, working groups, and/or individual volunteers?
Some projects may require social media promotion and/or public relations work. Would the project require promotional support from SJC?
Thank you for your submission! We will contact you when a decision has been made.
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