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Kerri Claire Neil



Kerri Claire is a community organizer with a background in social economics from the Baccalieu Trail. She is most actively involved in the anti-capitalist book club, food sovereignty action team, and member engagement. She can usually be found cleaning shelves at Downtown Comics or in bed with her cat.

Patricia Johnson-Castle



Patricia Johnson-Castle is Nunatsiavummiuk (Inuk from Nunatsiavut), as well as of British and German descent. Her grandmother, Julia, was a Tishialuk girl. Patricia grew up as a townie but has been living in Nain, Nunatsiavut for 2 years. Living outside the overpass in her ancestral home was pivotal in gaining a fuller understanding of the dynamics of oppression that are maintained in this Province from the erasure and isolation of Indigenous communities to the consequences of intergenerational wealth of the merchant fisheries system. A better Province is possible, we have the power, we just have to use it.

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Renee Dumaresque


Director of Fundraising

Renee is a mad, queer, white settler who was born in Newfoundland/ktaqmkuk and Labrador. Renee currently lives between St. John’s and Toronto where they spend time as a community organizer, a writer, and a PhD student of social work who practices at the intersection of creative, critical, and chaotic thought.  They have over 10 years of experience in community organizing spaces dedicated to racial justice, disability justice, queer and trans liberation, and the abolition of all carceral systems. Renee is a co-founder and long-time organizer with Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) Toronto, a grassroots organization committed to moving white people into multi-racial movements for racial justice and decolonisation. They are also a co-founder of Crip Rave, an electronic music collective and event platform that prioritizes crip, mad, Deaf, and disabled partygoers and talent within more accessible rave spaces.  Renee is excited to serve on the Board of the Social Justice Co-op NL because they believe that a sustainable, equitable, and just future for all is possible in the place they call home. We can build a world we all want to live in through movements that are intersectional and committed to mutual interest, care, and collaboration.

Mary Feltham



Mary has a BSc in Psychology and is currently completing a BN at Grenfell Campus in Corner Brook. While being a student, Mary continues advocacy work for improved education and health care services for all. They are also the President of Grenfell Campus Student Union and involved with the Corner Brook - Bay of Islands Pride. In their free time, Mary can be found creating textile and sfx art while relaxing with their cat, Chloe, and two bunnies, Cookie and Marilyn Bunroe.

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Kassie Drodge


Director of Education & Training

Kassie has over 5 years of research experience that focuses directly on marginalized communities and hopes to become a full-time humanitarian-based researcher in the future. Kassie holds a Bachelor of Arts in anthropology from Memorial University and is currently enrolled as a master’s student specializing in anthropology at the University of Ottawa. She also holds a certificate in criminology and is presently working on a certificate of public policy at Memorial University on the side. Kassie is now employed by NAPE (Newfoundland and Labrador Association of Public and Private Employees

Kassie’s personal and academic interests align with the people and the environment. From a young age, Kassie has always been concerned about the happiness of all living things. She attributes this passion to growing up in St. John’s and immersing herself in its natural essence for helping others. Throughout her personal life, Kassie focuses on volunteering with various social justice organizations and anti-racism incentives. Her favourite volunteer activities include meeting new people, listening to stories from other people, and finding out about new community organizations. In her spare time, she makes clothing from recycled and thrifted garments to help alleviate her waste footprint; and likes to spend time with her dog, who loves the occasional dog biscuit!

In her academic career, she has focused on strategized research plans that help develop socially equitable and sustainable action methods for lower socio-economic, racialized, and LGBTQ2S+ communities. Kassie is also the recipient of the 2020-2021 Donna Winslow Memorial Scholarship in Anthropology and one of the co-founders of the 2021-2022 “Recognizing Differences…” anti-racism micro-credit course offered on behalf of the University of Ottawa. Her interest in the academic field is related to, but not limited to, the political economy, environmental sustainability, race and ethnicity, gender and sexuality, post-industrial projects, and pedagogical thought systems.

Vanessa Quinn



Vanessa Quinn is a queer trans white settler communist and all-around silly goose who was born down round the boot (Burin Peninsula). She has a BSc in Computer Science from MUN, and after working low wage work most of her adult life, decided that some community organizing really had to get done, especially on behalf of renters and workers. When not agitating and rabble-rousing, she can be found walking her precious dog Harry, trying in vain to work through her book backlog, and building tiny, tiny models of anime robots.

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