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Kerri Claire Neil



Kerri Claire is a community organizer with a background in social economics from the Baccalieu Trail. She is most actively involved in the anti-capitalist book club, food sovereignty action team, and member engagement. She can usually be found cleaning shelves at Downtown Comics or in bed with her cat.

Patricia Johnson-Castle


Director at Large

Patricia Johnson-Castle is Nunatsiavummiuk (Inuk from Nunatsiavut), as well as of British and German descent. Her grandmother, Julia, was a Tishialuk girl. Patricia grew up as a townie but has been living in Nain, Nunatsiavut for 2 years. Living outside the overpass in her ancestral home was pivotal in gaining a fuller understanding of the dynamics of oppression that are maintained in this Province from the erasure and isolation of Indigenous communities to the consequences of intergenerational wealth of the merchant fisheries system. A better Province is possible, we have the power, we just have to use it.

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Renee Dumaresque


Director at Large

Renee is a mad, queer, white settler who was born in Newfoundland/ktaqmkuk and Labrador. Renee currently lives between St. John’s and Toronto where they spend time as a community organizer, a writer, and a PhD student of social work who practices at the intersection of creative, critical, and chaotic thought.  They have over 10 years of experience in community organizing spaces dedicated to racial justice, disability justice, queer and trans liberation, and the abolition of all carceral systems. Renee is a co-founder and long-time organizer with Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) Toronto, a grassroots organization committed to moving white people into multi-racial movements for racial justice and decolonisation. They are also a co-founder of Crip Rave, an electronic music collective and event platform that prioritizes crip, mad, Deaf, and disabled partygoers and talent within more accessible rave spaces.  Renee is excited to serve on the Board of the Social Justice Co-op NL because they believe that a sustainable, equitable, and just future for all is possible in the place they call home. We can build a world we all want to live in through movements that are intersectional and committed to mutual interest, care, and collaboration.

Lyrilla Rose
Kip Carpenter

~ gender fluid ~


Director at Large

Most people know Lyrilla by faers feminine name. Fae is a gender fluid feminine lesbian leaning polysexual queer spirit. Fae is a fierce advocate and friend who cares aboot all faers relationships. 


Community, health, wellness, nature and ensuring that everyone understands all cats are beautiful are some of faer greatest passions, but not all of them.

Fantasy Flowers

Kassie Drodge



My name is Kassie (she/her)and I am a Co-Chair. I identify as a biracial Canadian - Jamaican woman, and have a particular interest in history, both global and local.


I specialize in social-environmental, organizing and mobilization, and have a background in qualitative research methods and community engagement. I love going for walks with my husky mix rescue from Labrador, showing up at protests, and just generally seeing beautiful things in life! 

Laurel Huget


Director of Communications

Laurel is a weird, wicked, woman - still putting down roots in this strange wonderful province she now calls home. 

She practices a quieter resistance to injustice that centers community care and relationship building. She's especially keen on Transformative Justice, Anti-Poverty advocacy, and Safe Supply for all People Who Use Drugs (not just the coffee sippers and beer snobs).

Catch Laurel reading books in pools of sunshine, wandering in the woods, or elbows deep in her urban garden. 

Our Team: Meet the Team
Our Team: Team Members

Mary Feltham - Secretary
Daniel Miller - Treasurer


Lea Mary Movelle


Volunteer Coordinator

Lea grew up in a rural NL fishing family & has an educational background in political science & sociology from Memorial University. They've been the VC at the SJC since mid 2020. They are passionate about the power of community, friendship, mutual aid, & radical care to undermine the agonizing individualism of capitalism. Working for the SJC brings so much magic into their life & they couldn't be more grateful to the monthly donors who make their employment in the Revolution of Care possible! 

Lea recently moved back to their hometown on the Burin Peninsula, where they treasure a slower pace of life & time with family, including 4 precious nephews that bring so much joy & fun into their routine.  Lea loves to read with the Anti-Capitalist x Activist Book club, grow veggies & flowers in the garden, play the ukulele, paint for the therapy of it, take wandering walks away from the bustle of traffic, sing out loud while washing the dishes, snuggle up with their 20 pound pur-monster, & dance to live music with loved ones. 

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