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Kerri Claire Neil


Kerri Claire is a community organizer with a background in social economics from the Baccalieu Trail. She is most actively involved in the anti-capitalist book club, food sovereignty action team, and member engagement. She can usually be found cleaning shelves at Downtown Comics or in bed with her cat.

Mark Nichols


After serving 20 years in the Canadian Forces, Mark studied theology in St. John’s and was ordained a priest in the Anglican Church. He served as a parish priest on the southeast coast of Labrador, Conception Bay South, and St. Mark’s Church in St. John’s. He left parish ministry in 2020 to get “in the trenches” of the fight to bring about a more just and sustainable world. He is Community Organizer for the Fight for $15 and Fairness NL campaign.


Debbie Wiseman


Debbie Putt-Wiseman is an activist, advocate and community organizer from St. John's. In addition to serving on the board of the Social Justice Co-op of N, she is also a Happy City St. John's board member, is a member of the St. John's Food Policy Council and works with Food Producers Forum. In 2020, she co-founded the not-for-profit Sharing The Harvest NL, and successfully lobbied the provincial government to change legislation to allow hunters to donate moose and caribou meat to food banks. She is an advocate for poverty reduction, food security, active transit, and reducing waste. She feels strongly that our political system needs more diversity, and volunteers with Newfoundland and Labrador's chapter of Equal Voice in outreach. Her free time is spent tending to her garden and spending time with her cats and the neighbourhood pigeons.

Sarah Bartlett


PXL_20210226 Robert Leamon Mi'kmaq Land

Robert Leamon

Equity Liaison

Robert Leamon (he/him) is a Mi'kmaq Land Protector from Maqtukwek (Humber River) on the west coast of Ktaqmkuk (island of Newfoundland), the sovereign, unceded territory of the Beothuk and Mi’kmaq peoples. As a Mi’kmaq Land Protector, Autist, and anti-capitalist with experience organizing across social justice movements, Robert is passionate about fostering solidarity across our movements toward Land Back, ending Racism, tackling the climate crisis, and ensuring economic and food security for all.


Standing in solidarity with Land Protectors across Turtle Island and around the world, Robert is dedicated to resisting capitalist-colonial projects that destroy the environment and contribute to the ongoing genocide of Indigenous peoples. In addition to serving as SJC Equity Liaison, Robert also continues his activism with the Anti-Racism Coalition, Indigenous Activist Collective, Qalipu Mi'kmaq Youth Network, and more.

Mary Feltham


Mary has a BSc in Psychology and is currently completing a BN at Grenfell Campus, MUN. While being a student, Mary continues advocacy work for improved education and health care services for all. In their free time, Mary can be found creating textile and sfx art while relaxing with their cat, Chloe, and two bunnies, Cookie and Marilyn Bunroe.


Daniel Miller

Governance Review

Daniel Miller (right) is an activist based in St. John's, NL and has been a member of the Social Justice Co-op since 2012. His activism has included organizing in solidarity with Labrador land protectors, supporting progressive and independent journalism as a volunteer for The Independent, and involvement in the local Oxfam community's efforts for global justice. Daniel believes that we can and should dismantle colonialism, imperialism, capitalism, cis-hetero-patriarchy and all forms of oppression, and that everyone deserves lives full of love, safety, well-being, community and freedom. Daniel's involvement in the Social Justice Coop is a contribution to the social movements that will realize these aspirations.

Kristen Murray


Kristen is an incoming graduate student at Memorial University in the Masters of Business Administration in Social Enterprise and Entrepreneurship program. She has a strong background in community engagement, social justice activism, non-profits/social enterprise work, and marketing communications. Kristen joined the board in January 2021 and has been assisting with marketing and fundraising initiatives, as well as Zero Waste action work.


Heather Elliott


Heather is a community organizer and activist who made Newfoundland her home a decade ago. She is currently completing her Master's in Anthropology at Memorial University, studying gender in the maritime industry. She's most active in the Coalition for a Green New Deal NL and the 2SLGBTQIA+ Neighbourhood Aid Group, but also pops up in other places when time permits. When she isn't trying to save the world, she is either watching anime with her stepson or snuggling on her couch with her partner and dog.




Lea Movelle

Volunteer Coordinator

Lea Mary Movelle (they/them/she/her) is a proudly queer and genderfluid woman and community organizer living on the island known colonially as Newfoundland. They were born and raised in an outport fishing family and moved to town in 2008 to attend Memorial University, where they studied political science and sociology. Passionate about blending arts and activism, they are a regular at the Spoken Word St. John's Poetry Open Mic, and they serve on the board for St. Michael's Printshop and Peace, Love, n' Pride. 

Lea Mary grew up spending lots of time outdoors roaming the woods, fishing, and starting fires to cook up a catch. These days you'll find them tending to a different sort of fire, helping to stoke the flames of activists in the Social Justice Co-op community. They believe with their whole heart in the power of a Revolution of Care to resist and repair the damages of extractive, racial capitalism. 

When not in a zoom meeting, or taking to the streets, you'll find them connecting to nature (hiking, biking, swimming, picking berries) or art (writing poems, playing the ukulele, singing, painting). Full disclosure: Lea Mary can also be found watching trashy reality TV in bed, or following their kitty around in admiration. If out and about, there's a good chance they've forgotten their keys.