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Volunteer with the SJC 

The true strength of the SJC comes from the many people who are involved in our movement, who give their time to organize, agitate, and educate. Resourcing a revolution requires a wide variety of skills and experiences and we would love to hear about how your passions and interests align with ours.

We'd be grateful if you took a moment to complete this form to create a record of our skills, resources, interests/passions, needs, curiosities, and what we seek from the movement.

This will help our Volunteer Coordinator better connect members and volunteers with one another, and with projects or needs among the movement.


Check-boxes are to make the process low-burden, not to limit any answers.

We've included an "other" option under checkbox questions, which we encourage you to use. <3

After completing the form, our Volunteer Coordinator will contact you for a more in-depth discussion on how to get involved!

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