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The SJC offers a prescription coverage benefit to our members!

In partnership with Genrus United and our apex provincial organization for co-operatives, Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Co-operatives (NLFC), SJC is proud to offer our members and our volunteers a health benefit. This prescription program will support members and volunteers without prescription coverage through other sources such as a private or group (employment) health benefit plans. In particular, this program will help people who often have to choose between purchasing necessities like utilities/rent/food and purchasing necessary medications.


Cost: $21.95 plus tax per year per person

Savings: most people save an average of 30% to 50% on generic medications


The Highlights:

  • any SJCNL member or volunteer can join, regardless of age, health history, employment status, or existing medication coverage

  • only operates using independent pharmacies and therefore keeps $$ circulating in the local economy

  • prescription list of more than 150 everyday generic medications, including meds for mental health, birth control, and impotence, as well as meds for high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, ulcers, reflux, and asthma


Check the meds list for meds you are already prescribed here.


How it works...

Are you an interested member, who may or may not also be a current volunteer? Contact the Membership Director at The director will confirm your membership details with you and provide the SJC code for registration with Genrus United.

Are you an interested volunteer, but not yet an SJC member? Make sure you have registered with Lea, our volunteer coordinator, as a volunteer by filling out this volunteer form. Lea will confirm your volunteer details with you and provide you with the SJC code for registration with Genrus United.


After receiving the SJC code, visit Sign up for the Genrus United program online using the SJC code. You will receive the first 3 months free; a one-time payment for the year only starts after that time (similar to a Netflix subscription!). You should then inform either a) The Prescription Shoppe in Churchill Square (St. John's) or b) Conception Bay Pharmacy in Holyrood that you are switching to their pharmacy from another pharmacy. Note: Both pharmacies offer free local delivery within a certain radius and paid delivery outside their free radius. The pharmacy in Holyrood is responsible for province-wide delivery through Canada Post which typically takes 24-72 hours. The pharmacist coordinates the switch for you. Tada!

To learn more about Genrus United, visit:


 Image Description:

A smiling, white-coated and Genrus-registered pharmacist helps a client fill their prescriptions at the counter in a pharmacy. Stocked shelves can be seen behind the pharmacist. The photo background is white and beside the image is text that reads "Genrus United: Spend less on the prescription drugs you trust."

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