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Challenging Car Culture: Welcome
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Challenging Car Culture: About Us

We advocate for accessible and active transportation, and for free, sustainable mass transit. We challenge the idea that cars are the default way to get around.

Join the #ChallengeCarCulture Coalition and #ThinkOutsideTheCar with us. Private vehicles are not our future, and they do not serve our planet or our communities. While they've come to be thought of as the default way to get around, this hasn't been the case for most of human history and it's pretty obvious who's benefiting...the automobile and petro industries! We can do better. We can move as a community with free, accessible, public transit, and walkable, bikable, rollable neighbourhoods.

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A Bit About Us

Near Hits Project

Our latest project: We want to hear from people who have been nearly hit while walking, cycling, using a mobility aid, or pushing a stroller. 

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Sick of the Slip?!

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Are you tired of slipping on snowy or icy sidewalks in your neighbourhood? Are you forced out into the street, or do you feel unsafe because the sidewalks are not cleared? Are you homebound in the winter months because of mobility issues or fear? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then the Challenge Car Culture coalition of the Social Justice Co-operative wants to hear from YOU


We want to hear stories about these issues and we plan to host a virtual event where stories can be shared in the near future. Your story can be a single incident or a culmination of experiences over an entire winter or even years.  


Please click the button below to sign up by April 27th if you’d like to participate as a story-teller.


We will match you with a volunteer to assist you as you prepare to tell your story. The date of the virtual event is yet to be determined but will be based on participant availability, how many stories we receive, and how quickly they come in. 


Together we can make sure one another’s stories are heard.


We can let our municipal governments know that we need sidewalk accessibility all year long!

Questions or concerns? Email

Say Hi @ Our Monthly Meeting!

Join us on Zoom on the 1st Monday of each month for our monthly general meeting.
All are welcome! Email us for the meeting link.

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Challenging Car Culture: Who We Are

Hits & Near Hits Survey

The Challenge Car Culture Coalition wants to hear from YOU if you've had a hit or near hit with a motorist in NL.
We are building a map of areas, and a list of issues, that are dangerous for non-motorist and need to be addressed.

Advocating for Accessibility

On International Day of Persons with Disabilities, Dec 3rd, 2020, we gathered in honour of those who have been injured or killed trying to navigate our inaccessible, dangerous sidewalks. We gathered to bear witness for those who are isolated in their homes for half of the year, every year, due to negligent sidewalk clearing. Access is a right not a privilege and our city is failing to safeguard the rights of People with Disabilities in even the simplest, most basic ways.

We gathered with three asks:

1. Clear our sidewalks with the same priority as adjoining streets.

2. Use a Universal Design approach in all further developments, including the Kelly's Brook Shared Use Path: consult Universal Design experts and community members with diverse lived experiences and accessibility concerns.

3. Reverse the recent cuts to Metrobus.

Help us shine a light on a hidden injustice: the accessibility crisis in our city.

Challenging Car Culture: Text
Challenging Car Culture: Pro Gallery

Support the Kelly's Brook Shared-Use Pathway

The Kelly's Brook Shared-Use Pathway is going ahead with asphalt trail surface! This is a big win for inclusivity in our city! Thanks to everyone who supported this project!


Get to Know the Kelly's Brook Trail

Take a tour with Elizabeth Yeoman on her blog

Engage with City St. John's!

The ‘What We Heard’ (WWH) document summarizing feedback from the Kelly’s Brook Shared-Use Path public engagement process is now available.

Brunch and Learn for Kelly's Brook Trail with St. John's City Councillors

Brunch and Learn to discuss the upcoming vote to INDEFINITELY DEFER funding for Phase One of the Kelly's Brook Multipurpose Trail project.

Challenging Car Culture: What We Do

Past Actions

Learn about the actions we've taken advocating for a safe, accessible province that encourages walking, rolling, biking, and public transit.

Challenging Car Culture: Past Events

Mobility Justice Discussion with the Human Rights Commission

Presentation by and discussion with the Executive Director of the Human Rights Commission, Carey Majid. The focus was  on mobility justice, especially lack of sidewalk clearing, as a human rights issue. We explored the details and process of launching a human rights challenge on the matter.

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