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Get Involved: Welcome

Come Say Hi!

We are happy to provide a variety of ways to start getting involved, from our Monthly General Meeting to a personalized chat with our Welcoming Committee. We also have numerous monthly meetings and public events that anyone is welcome to come to!

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Lunch 'n Learn with Lea

Join our staff, Lea, for lunch every week on Wednesdays for 2pm NT / 1:30 AT to say hi or discuss projects further.

Monthly General Meeting

Find out what we're up to! We meet online on the 3rd Thursday at

7:00pm NT/6:30pm AT every month

Welcoming Committee

Looking for the best place to volunteer your skills? Book a session with our Welcoming Committee!

Get Involved: Programs

Not sure where to start?
We're here to help!

Help us get to know you better by completing our volunteer form & our Volunteer Coordinator will reach out to you. 


Community Calendar

Become A Member

The SJCNL is a not-for-profit, member-owned co-operative. Become a member and vote at our upcoming AGM!

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Get Involved: Welcome
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You can help us keep momentum going by sponsoring our work. Independent donors allow us an uncompromising political voice!

Over the coming decade, we will need to educate, advocate, and organize with as much courage, conviction, and independent funding as we can muster!

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