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Prisoner Justice Projects

The SJC believes in prison abolition and the fight to bring about a world beyond prisons and policing. We believe communities can work together to address harm and hold one another accountable through Restorative and Transformative approaches to justice.


Below are some projects we are involved in to connect with, advocate for, and support incarcerated community members. 

Prison Pen Pal Project

pen pals.webp

We are a group of volunteers building friendships through letter writing with community members experiencing incarceration in provincial penitentiaries in NL.  

Running Down The Walls


Join us on October 15th 2023 at 2-5pm for the first ever St John’s Running Down the Walls fun 5k run/jog/walk/strut/roll. 


Bring $10 to participate or fundraise a minimum of $10.


We’ll have water and snacks for all participants!


Event starts at 2pm NT at the Corrections Wellness Garden, 89 Forest Road.


Social to follow at 5pm NT at the Benevolent Irish Society, 30 Harvey Road. 

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