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School Bus

Local Elementary Students Need a School Bus

Right now in our community 29 children, most of them New Canadians, have no reliable transportation to their school, St. Andrew’s Elementary.


Their neighbourhood, in the Crosbie Road area, is 1.6km from the school, which falls within the family responsibility zone. Only a few families have vehicles. Read more and learn how you can help below. 

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Parents have no choice but to walk their children to school through heavy traffic. Students are missing school because they cannot get there safely.  

  • The route is  not safe. During the winter, students, their parents, and preschool siblings are often forced to walk in the road. This is a commercial area with very high traffic volumes and busy intersections. 

  • Children are missing time from school because they cannot get there due to transportation barriers.

  • We believe children in this area are being discriminated against because of their race, immigration status, and economic status. Their right to an education is being impeded by a school district that is refusing to work toward an equitable solution.

  • The solution is simple, either add a bus route or make a second trip with one of the existing buses.

  • We are calling upon the NLESD to provide transportation to and from school for children in this area.  This is not unprecedented; there are 3 schools in the area, located within similar high-traffic commercial areas, that have bus stops well within the 1.6km limit.


CBC recently interviewed two St. Andrew's school councilors who are fighting to get a bus for students who cannot get to school safely. You can check out the article by clicking the button below:


Valleyview apartments on Crosbie Road
to St. Andrew's Elementary on University Avenue


To connect with school councilors, parents, and teachers who are fighting for this bus for their children and students you can join the facebook group by clicking the button below:  

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