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Tent City for Change Demands Housing for All

Apr 9, 2024


Hey Community! 💐

As we've been working through these last tidbits of winter, it seems we've also worked through most of the TC4C coffers. With 20 protestors on the ground we're barely able to keep up with propane costs let alone food and medicine.

Could you help us out? Donate here:

PS: Stay tuned for some really cool fundraising projects we have on the go!

'Tis the season for spring cleaning!

Here at Tent City for Change, we are working to get about 15 new folks settled in with everything they might need this spring, which, in Newfoundland, means lots of tarps to keep everything dry as possible! We are also looking for tents, lanterns/flashlights, coleman stoves, sleeping bags, bedding, pillows, and batteries. So if you're cleaning out some of your old camping gear, or just supplies you've had kicking around for too long, consider dropping them to Downtown Comics where a volunteer will pick them up to distribute to the Resident Protestors as needed.

But wait, there are even more ways to help!

We're still accepting recycling donations thru the Green Depot. Just use the account number to direct your recycling refunds our way:

738 2933

Interested in getting involved? We are looking to grow our volunteer team! As we gear up for spring, we expect to see more residents who need more support. To increase the capacity of our on the ground work, we are looking for a few individuals who can dedicate their efforts to fundraising campaigns, cooking meals when we can't source them elsewhere, and helping manage our social media and communication channels. Reach out if you would like to join our amazing team! You can reach us on social media @tentcityforchangestjohns on facebook and instagram. Following us on social media is also the best way to stay in the loop with us and be the first to receive our updates!

Learn More about what Resident Protestors at Tent City for Change are Fighting For:

Here's a quick intro to what Resident Protestors at TC4C are calling for. Get the facts on the right to housing here:

If you believe housing is a human right - please support the Protesters fighting for everyone's right to have a safe and dignified place to call home - Donate here: 

Frequently Asked Questions

More about Mutual Aid

You can reach us on social media @tentcityforchangestjohns on facebook and instagram. Following us on social media is also the best way to stay in the loop with us and be the first to receive our updates!

Content below this line is archival & contains info that is outdated.



The provincial government has recently announced the opening of temporary transitional housing at the site of the Comfort Inn. While TC4C advocates celebrate this announcement as proof of the power of community organizing, we nonetheless have concerns about various shortcomings in government plans thus far.


TC4C continues to support 4-6 Resident Protestors to meet their basic needs everyday. But did you know that we also continue to support former Resident Protestors who have since received “shelter” or “housing”? Aside from having a roof over their head, many of these folks continue to be failed by government - many of their basic human rights are not met, including the Right to Food.


We’re asking the community for donations of Strawberry Ensure (or financial support to purchase it) because many of the folks we’re supporting have lost dangerous levels of body weight while surviving harsh winter conditions. We’ll be accepting donations of Strawberry Ensure at Downtown Comics, and financial donations through our DonorBox, which you can find at:


We want to send out our heartfelt gratitude to the greater community who has continued to support Resident Protestors. As we continue to push our elected representatives to do better, TC4C will remain a steadfast site of protest and resistance to privatized shelters, exploitative slum lords, and the denial of housing as a human right.

You can follow Tent City for Change on social media for more frequent updates. Occasional updates will continue to be added to this webpage, but following on socials is a good way to stay in the loop day-to-day.

You can donate to Tent City for Change here:

Follow Tent City for Change on Instagram:

Follow Tent City for Change on Facebook:

Tent City for Change Website:

Tent City for Change Link Tree:



In October, residents of St. John's sick of the unsafe shelter system mobilized and set up tents on Confederation Hill as a visual representation of the housing crisis in this city. Immediately, members of the SJC mobilized and began showing up to see how they could help.

Understanding that the encampment would need financial support, we started a fundraising campaign. Members also encouraged resident protesters to move their occupation to Bannerman Park, where they would have access to a bathroom, a greater array of non-profit services, and more shelter from the constant wind.

These members along with other concerned citizens formed what became the Tent City 4 Change collective.

From October 10 to December 3, Tent City 4 Change has offered essential aid and support to resident protesters. We've raised $5,000.76, and have spent $4,491.20, leaving $509.56 to cover upcoming costs.

One of our ongoing contributions has been helping provide hot breakfasts and dinners to resident protesters. Volunteers are offered $40 for breakfast and $50 for dinner to cover expenses associated with making a meal for around 20 people. We have volunteers signed up to bring breakfast for the next 7 days ($280) and dinner for the next 17 days ($850). We do not currently have the funds to cover these costs but hope that the daily donations we are receiving will continue.

Donations also help provide essential supplies (bags, hygiene items, medicine), warmth (blankets, hand warmers), utilities (firewood, stove repairs), and crucial harm reduction items, including cigarettes, cannabis, and small amounts of alcohol. We understand not everyone appreciates the necessity of these harm reduction items, but we believe they are a critical part of fostering dignity and safety. Resident protestors are under extremely stressful circumstances living outside in all kinds of weather, and we believe they deserve to have what they need.

Tent City 4 Change has also mobilized community donations and connections. The collective has collected clothes, tents, tarps, blankets, food, firewood, and many other items to support camp life. Members are also supporting resident protesters as they are moving into new homes, including collecting and delivering furniture. Most recently, we were able to secure a port a potty after the City of St. John's ruthlessly shut down the Bannerman Park bathroom with no notice. We appreciate that this decision has since been reversed and the bathrooms are now open 24/7 thanks to community advocacy.

How You Can Help!

Donate Today

Your contribution directly assists in providing meals, supplies, and essential aid to the residents of Tent City.

Spread the Word

Share our cause with friends and family. Together, we can make a substantial collective impact.

Donate items or join the hot meal train

More information on what is needed and how to sign up to bring hot meals can be found at:

We deeply appreciate the generous contributions from Abi, A, Alison, Allan, Amanda, Angela, Ayla, Brandon, Cate, Caitlin, Chloe, Dawn, Elizabeth, Erin, Gregory, Hannah, Hanna, Janet, Jeremy, Jillian, Kaitlyn, Kale, Karen, Katie, L, Lauren, Mandy, Mark, Mary, Maxine, Melanie, Michael, Nathalie, Paige, Paul, Rachelle, Renée, Robin, Ruth, Sarah, Selina, Shaye, Stacey, Stephanie, Tiffany, and Y. Your support has been instrumental in our efforts to bring about positive change.

Gratitude and solidarity to everyone showing up to support the resident protestors. We keep each other safe.

"How to Fix the Housing Crisis? And why im/migrants are not responsible."

It's crucial that we are loud and clear that the housing crisis is a problem of capitalist greed. It is not a problem caused by migration or immigration.


Dividing communities and turning people against one another is a key tactic of the rich to hold unto their wealth and power.

Check out and share the panel discussion linked below, hosted by the Migrant Rights Network, to spread the message loud and clear of who is and isn't to blame, and what can be done to fix the housing crisis.

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