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The Social Justice Co-operative of Newfoundland and Labrador works to address issues of social, economic, and political inequality at home and abroad.

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Featured Initiative


Community Composting
Pilot Project

In partnership with Stella’s Circle and Planeet Consulting, we've installed three composting bins in Georgestown to collect organics from a group of neighbours and produce compost for the use of Stella’s and participants.

If you live in Georgestown and are interested in joining, please click the button below to go to the survey we've designed to select participants and learn more about composting in the neighbourhood, what neighbours expect about the program, and what they want to learn about composting. 


Our long-term vision is to replicate this program across the city providing social, economic, and environmental benefits to individuals, neighbourhoods, community gardens, schools, businesses, and more! You can learn more about our vision in this blog.

A big thank you to our sponsors: City of St. John’s (Community Grants), MMSB (Solid Waste Management Innovation Fund), and Food First NL (St. John’s Food Assessment).

For more information, contact Viviana at


In The News

Greene Report Must be Resisted: Observers

Neoliberal policies are fundamentally flawed and will make things worse.


Why May Day Matters for
Newfoundland and Labrador

May Day in Newfoundland and Labrador presents an opportunity not only to remember our struggle for emancipation, but to continue and expand it.

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Fund The Revolution!

Independent donors like you allow us an uncompromising political voice!

We have accomplished a lot over the past couple of years but we need financial resources to bring about a Revolution of Care. 


The Social Justice Co-operative does not take money from corporations or governments for our activism and operations.  


To maintain our independence, we depend on grassroots funding from people like you. 


Please consider funding our work, be that as a one-time donation, or as a monthly donor, to help us keep momentum going by sponsoring our work.