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The Social Justice Co-operative of Newfoundland and Labrador works to address issues of social, economic, and political inequality at home and abroad.

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Featured Initiative

Socials 4 Justice Speaker Series
September 16th Topic:
Education as a Practice of Freedom

This edition explores questions around education as a practice of freedom. Why do we have education systems? What types of formal and informal learning do we need to nurture in our communities? How do education and social justice intersect?


Socials4Justice is an all-ages, alcohol-free community space where folks come together to reflect on and discuss social and climate justice issues.


This event takes place at the St. John's Farmers' Market, thanks to a generous sponsorship by MUNFA. This is an accessible building, with non-binary bathrooms, located on a bus route!

Speakers Announced Soon! 

Recognizing the expertise of everyone in the room, we invite audience members to join the conversation by asking a question, making a comment, or sharing an idea!.


We'll gather at 7pm NT and begin with half an hour for mingling. At 7:30pm, we'll let the speakers have the floor. At 8:00pm the speaker portion will wrap up, and the last 30 minutes offer another opportunity to mingle, and to get your cake raffle tickets and rad stickers! At 9pm we will clue up with a draw for the winner of our famous cake raffle!

We are seeking volunteers! Email us if you'd like to help at

****Now featuring American Sign Language interpreters thanks to the sponsorship of CFS-NL ****


In The News

Greene Report Must be Resisted: Observers

Neoliberal policies are fundamentally flawed and will make things worse.


Why May Day Matters for
Newfoundland and Labrador

May Day in Newfoundland and Labrador presents an opportunity not only to remember our struggle for emancipation, but to continue and expand it.

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